Australia Travel Plug Convertors (2-Pack, AU to US/EU, 250V, 10A)
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Australia Travel Plug Convertors (2-Pack, AU to US/EU, 250V, 10A)
Prices include worldwide shipping!
SIPIK SK68 Cree Q3-WC 120-Lumen Convex Lens LED Flashlight (1x AA / 1x 14500) SIPIK SK68 Cree Q3-WC 120-Lumen Convex Lens LED Flashlight (1x AA / 1x 14500)
US$6.76 US$3.40


Archive Index

Even being the richest man in the world doesn't stop you from getting a pie in the face.

"But godliness with contentment is great gain."
1 Timothy 6:6 (NIV).

Archive 1:

  • Acronyms
  • Slogans
  • Quotes
  • Sheer Stupidity
  • Secret Conversations
  • Office Security Warning
  • DoJ vs MS Update
  • Micro Message
  • Windows NT leaves Navy Smart Ship dead in the water
  • Netscape Navigator & QuickTime

Archive 2:

  • Moral: Don't Go With MS
  • Hedge's Windoze
  • Quotes
  • Next Stop Office2000
  • Windows' 50 Day Lifetime
  • Microsoft Downplays 2001 Glitch
  • Melissa
  • MS Employees Incompetent
  • MS vs DoJ
  • Mac vs PC

Archive 3:

  • Yet Another Biased Mac vs PC Review
  • Big Brother Tactics
  • Clear Rip-Off
  • More Windows Privacy Worries
  • IE5 Feature or Bug?
  • MS FrontPage Security Issues
  • MS Windows Security Insecure
  • Bill's Big Briefs
  • MS Hotmail Needs Help
  • IE 5 Bug Leaves Computers Open to Invasion

Archive 4:

  • Windows Crashes on TV
  • Army Moves Up to Real Computers
  • Cost of Going Wireless
  • Hoax Y2K Email Fix
  • G4 vs Merced
  • They Copy Here, They Copy There
  • MS OS Living in the Past
  • Monthly MS Security Scare
  • Follow the Leader
  • This Month's Security Warning

Archive 5:

  • This Week's Security Warning
  • Intel Web Graphics Made On Apple
  • Time for Reality Check
  • Wintel Switchover Continues To Plague Motorola
  • Microsoft IS a Monopoly
  • MS Woes Boost Alternatives
  • No Copies for Christmas
  • MS Bug Allows Virus
  • MS Under Attack on Other Fronts
  • iJoke from Compaq

Department of Justice
antitrust case.

Archive 6:

  • AMD on the Bandwaggon
  • Monopoly Grunt in Action
  • Microsoft's Latest Keyboard
  • IBMac
  • Check Out That Cheque
  • Checked Check
  • Insecure Shopping
  • Windoze CE
  • No Copper In The Mine
  • It's Not Over Yet

Archive 7:

  • Bloatsoft Still At It
  • Windows in the Bible
  • Windows Reliabilility?
  • Windows' Extra Cost
  • Left Hand, Right Hand, Ne'er The Twain Shall Meet
  • IE for CE
  • 1GHz: And The Winner Is...
  • The Cost of Speed
  • Overclocking 1000MHz
  • Following the Leader

Archive 8:

  • Apple Beats iMac Copycats
  • Great Writer
  • Me Maybe, But Not Us
  • Intel Overheating Toshibae
  • Naughty, Naughty?
  • Alleged Death Threat
  • Microsoft Ruling Imminent
  • Credit Card Details of World's Richest Man
  • For Every Action...

Archive 9:

  • Danger - MS Programming
  • MS Dorks At It Again
  • This Week's Security Scare
  • Warning: New OS
  • Windows Us Again
  • Yet Another Hotmail Bug
  • MS Hotmail Goof
  • Court Quote
  • Cookie Jar Ajar
  • Open Source, But Not Open

Archive 10:

  • Intel Problem
  • IE Bug Bites Mac (aka The Long Arm Of Microsoft)
  • Ya Gotta Love These Viruses
  • Slashdot Fires Back at Microsoft
  • MS Bomb Attack
  • Inferior CDs
  • Standards
  • More Proof MS NOT Innovative
  • Moral: Don't Rip Off Apple?
  • Royalties For Hyperlinks?

Archive 11:

  • Intel Fixit
  • The Case Of The Bouncing Ball
  • Copycats
  • Aiming For Monopoly on Security Risks
  • Rambus Slow And Still Expensive
  • MS Incompetance
  • MORE Patches, MORE Unpatched Security Risks
  • Bug History
  • Compaq Gives Up On Colour
  • More On (No) Security

Archive 12:

  • Oracle Snoops On Microsoft
  • Cookie Update
  • Stay Sharp
  • Same Old, Same Old (aka The Leopard's Spots)
  • Next Monopoly Move On The Way
  • Malicious Media Player
  • Bugger Microsoft
  • AMD Nothing To Worry About
  • Money Matters
  • Intel Pulls Plug On RAMBUS

Archive 13:

  • HP Thinks Inside The Box
  • More Security Probs
  • In And Out
  • Word Web Bugs
  • MS: Emulate, Not Innovate
  • Slap On Wrist For Evil Empire
  • Former Microsoft Worker Wins Suit Over Options
  • Komodo Copy
  • PieGate out from Retirement
  • Control the Information, Control the People

Archive 14:

  • The Borg Absorbs A Fellow Monopoly
  • Update on US Govt vs M$
  • Win XP Ads Digitally Defaced
  • Monopoly Rules
  • Backlash?
  • Say No to HTML Email
  • No Office 10 Product Keys
  • Sarah Sticks it to Bill?
  • The Peasants are Revolting
  • Intel Stealth Moves

Ultrafire Nylon Camouflage Flashlight Holster (Mid-size, suits WF-501B)
Ultrafire Nylon Camouflage Flashlight Holster (Mid-size, suits WF-501B)
Prices include worldwide shipping!
Cree XM-L T6 600lm 1-Mode White Light Diving Flashlight (1x 18650, 50m waterproof) Cree XM-L T6 600lm 1-Mode White Light Diving Flashlight (1x 18650, 50m waterproof)
US$11.66 US$9.10