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Engineering Associates Registration Board (EARB)

Original Brief: Keep it simple and quick to load. Also must be easy to print. Use light colours.

An online searchable database has since been added to the site. Once again, it had to be fast and easy to print. New fields have since been added to the database.

New Brief: Create a more modern look, retaining ease of printing.


Salt and Light Ministries

Original Brief: Increase exposure of an existing site, aim for conservative look, provide an automatically updating daily message and a means of selling devotional books online.

New Brief: Create a more vibrant, exciting feel, with room to grow for both content and features. New features added include a daily email for each of two daily devotional messages.


Pastor Notes

Brief: An inexpensive site able to handle the large number of Notes to be online.

(Adobe PDF was chosen for its cost-effectiveness and ability to reproduce graphs and charts from original documents.)

Sister sites include Scripture Promises and Bible Study.


Sustainable Energy Forum (SEF)

Brief: Create a simple web site with low bandwidth (ie, fast loading), viewable with almost any browser.



Brief: Create a sister site to SEF site, to host all EnergyWatch issues. A single news file to be included (inline) on certain pages on both SEF and EnergyWatch sites.


Sheshee Bridal

This site is hosted by Video Foundry and was designed by Lorraine Sutton of Sheshee Bridal herself.


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