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Research Topic: SCSI Connectors

By Ian Mander, 9 April 1999.

Question: What are the different sorts of SCSI connectors and what are they all called?

Answer: Take a look below. There are also others besides these, but they're not very common in everyday life.

Type of SCSI Connector and its Uses

Diagram of Connector


Apple Macintosh built-in SCSI connector.


Centronics, SCSI1.

Most external "slow" SCSI (up to 5MB/sec) devices use this.


HD50, SCSI2.

Many Fast SCSI (up to 10MB/sec) and Ultra SCSI (up to 20MB/sec) devices and computers use this connector.


HD68, Fast/Wide SCSI3.

Wide SCSI has a 16 bit wide data path instead of the normal 8 bit.



Getting into the higher end here.


Celebrating the independent kiwi spirit of invention.

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