Book Review: The Puzzle of Ancient Man

By Donald Chittick, 1999

Review by Ian Mander BSc, 12 March 2000.

Sadly, Dr Chittick spends most of the book drawing conclusions and comparing his evidence to the Bible, rather than actually presenting his evidence. I found this rather disappointing. He presents summary information rather than decent data (eg, doesn't explain how the forming techniques on page 118 are different).

He also misrepresents his sources on occasion, and this is very serious. For example, he refers to After the Flood by Bill Cooper and to Morley, The Ancient Maya. On page 121 Dr Chittick claims that the year zero on the Mayan calendar was the creation of the world, referring to Morley. However, Bill Cooper makes the claim that the Mayans knew their age started with a flood and that their Day One started after that. This may be just two sources disagreeing with each other, but it gets worse.

[I was intending to write more in this review but it never happened, sorry.]

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