Romania Mission Trips

At time of writing (October 2003) I have been in Romania three times: May to August 2001, December 2002, and June to September 2003


This was my first time in Romania, and actually my first major international travelling (across the ditch to Aus a couple of times doesn't really count). I visited a few South East Asian locations on my way to Romania, then spent a total of three months in Romania, two and a half of which were in Timisoara with the last half month in Ramnicu Valcea. The following two weeks I had in England, including a lovely camping trip in Cornwall. To finish off my travels I saw a very small amount (comparatively speaking) of Europe, followed by a whirlwind trip around South America, including two days with a child I sponsored in Brazil, all in about a month.


My second trip to Romania. I felt I could only spend one month away from work, and being winter was considerably different from my first trip. This trip included a winter camp for street children, my first birthday outside of New Zealand (a white birthday, no less!) and a Christmas party with street children.


My third trip to Romania. I pushed for four months this time, although that was difficult since the longest tourist visa issued is for three months. Lots and lots of driving, a summer camp, and more than 1600 photos. Not all are posted here by any means, but I used a few to illustrate my emailed newsletters, and I've added them in here.

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