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Information Resources

Answers in Genesis

The place to go for all your creation-related questions.


How Stuff Works

This is one of the most informative sites on the Internet, with clear explanations and diagrams on how all sorts of... stuff... works.

Arp's Catalogue of Peculiar Galaxies


A collection of strange (and interesting?) galaxies compiled by Dr Halton C Arp.

"Since antiquity, ideas of the universe have varied widely, depending on assumptions about factual observations. The current idea of a 'big bang' has been the standard model for about 60 years. But, in the mean time, the number of observations that negate the assumption that the red shift of the light of distant galaxies can be explained by recessive motions, is increasing." - Dr Arp.

Keirsey Temperament Sorter

The best personality testing site on the web, David Keirsey has made some much-needed (and sometimes subtle) changes to the valuable(?) work done by Myers-Briggs.

There are also some very interesting articles about Ritalin, the drug used to treat attention deficit kids.

The Classical Midi Archives

This is a very useful place to visit if you like classical music and have MIDI capabilities. (And if you don't like classical music, try changing the violins to electric guitar with distortion effects...)


Cool Companies

Apple Computer Inc

Of course.


Tesla Motors

Dealing death to GM from Silicon Valley.

Glow Inc

Really bright glow pigments.

Moller International

Is it a bird? Is it a plane?

The Moller Skycar will revolutionize personal travel (but don't hold your breath).

Update: The latest I've heard is that it'll be canned. Moller is running up too-high debts on it.


Makers of some of the best computer games ever, including the Marathon series and Myth (pictured). The company has now been taken over by the Borg of the computer world.

Rest in Peace, little soldier.

Sienna Software

Makers of Starry Night - the best home astronomy programme around. (Yes, they do have a downloadable demo.)

The Lord of the Rings

The biggest movie project yet made outside of Hollywood. The biggest movie project yet made in the Southern hemisphere. The second most expensive movie project to date. The first movie project with three movies made at the same time.

And it's made in New Zealand.



The Weird and Wacky Web

The Infamous Exploding Whale

The name says it all. As for the movie...

To quote from the site itself:
"This web page has generated far more excitement than it should among any semi-intelligent race."


I think they're my friends...

Hedge's Hedge


The head honcho and instigator of the Jesus Cafe on eWorld. At least, that's the way I remember it. (Or was that MissV? ...)



Big Red Cube


The (offline at present) electronic home of Phil Cartwright as he lives and works in Manchester.

(And the picture at right is Phil in Los Angeles.)

Ally Cat


The digital home of Allan and Anna (and Little A, and now Littler A) Faid.

Joel's Domain



Lord Alex vW