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... how practical in a high New Zealand wind, are "bushy eyebrows that stick out beyond the brim of his hat" ?

Answering these and weightier puzzles is the responsibility of the designers and their craftspeople who have been in training for 2 years at the WETA workshops in Wellington. I have seen the results of their deliberations - and been overwhelmed.

Ian "Gandalf" McKellen, actor.

The Ring

Naturally, the Ring and rings are being made in New Zealand. Sunny Nelson, to be precise.

Nelson, Oct 28 - The final work of a noted Nelson jeweller, the late Jens Hansen, will feature as the central prop in Peter Jackson's movie adaptation of Lord of the Rings, currently being filmed in Wellington.

Production of the ring began after Mr Hansen's death from cancer in August, although he had been working on preliminary designs for several months before that, his son and studio manager, Thorkild Hansen, said today.

The work was commissioned some time ago by one of the film's management team, and the late Mr Hansen then began making around 12 rings of which three were accepted, Thorkild Hansen said.

"I was quite surprised at the time spent choosing it, but it's a very important part of the film," Mr Hansen said. Production of the final design began three weeks ago. Mr Hansen said it was quite fitting that his father was involved in a film with
such a title.

"We got it all finalised and agreed and everyone was happy with it - it was brilliant, then he died," Mr Hansen said.

Up to 40 of the heavy gold rings would be needed during filming, Mr Hansen
said, but he declined to say how much the contract was worth.

"There's only one ring in the movie but there are many actors who have to wear it. "Some actors we've had to make up to six different rings for. The props department has to be covered in case one gets lost or damaged," Mr Hansen said.

He said the design was plain gold with no stone and quite similar to a wedding ring, just heavier.

(C) 1999 New Zealand Press Association. NEW ZEALAND PRESS ASSOCIATION 28/10/1999

Elijah Wood has mentioned that he has kept "The Ring" but he hasn't said which one out of the 40-odd it is.

Language Detail

Much attention is being spent on the finer details of elvish languages, especially with accurate presentation of elvish writing, which may be seen as freizes in the background of certain scenes, and in the credit sequences.

"... Tolkien experts all over the world had faxed in (or by any other means for that matter) a lot of Tenguar (Elven) writings, to incorporate within the set design."


To play the character of Legolas, Orlando Bloom wears a long blonde wig - worth several thousand dollars. And he has a spare.