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Altered or real humourous pictures and photographs.

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Bill Sux

An electron microscope picture of a computer chip.
When this picture was first circulated on the internet it was reputed to be genuine, with the lettering made by two former Motorola employees who were at the time working for Intel. The couple were reported to also now be former Intel employees.

However, such is not the case. The picture has been modified from an actual computer chip picture with no sign of any lettering. It's a stock photo used for things like this book cover.


This is a scan of part of a page from a real NZ Zones (computer equipment) catalogue. In the large version a blowup is at the bottom, showing more clearly just how bad their proofreading was that issue. Read it right through very carefully - there are several mistakes but you'll know when you come to the worst boo-boo.