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Original list by Ian Mander started 1 February 2008. Added to this site (Aqualab) 26 November 2008. Database released 27 May 2009.
Please note that the date mentioned below that the database code was last updated is not the date the data itself was last updated.

Driver List
Database code 16 December 2019
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Step-up drivers
Low voltage step-down drivers

Mains drivers
User interface & PWM drivers

Drivers not yet added
3 March 2012
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Why use a driver?
20 February 2010

Driver types overview
15 September 2010

Drivers not yet added

Not included in the Driver List are other boards including (but not limited to) the following. That they're not included is no reflection on their price, quality or suitability - I simply haven't got around to including them yet.

  • Meanwell LED drivers including IP67 models. Retail example from Ledstok.
  • BTW, that retailer, Ledstok, gets the Class Idiot award for reusing all their driver URLs for LED and LED optics; in the case of the example above, a triple LED board. They still have at least some of their drivers though.
  • Various FLu-PIC models.
  • SatisTronics and SatisLED have LED drivers which appear to be more expensive versions of some of the DX drivers, and shipping is extra (I've listed a couple of their 100 W drivers).
  • CPF user Der Wichtel's SST-50 and SST-90 drivers. These probably set some sort of price record.
  • An RGB controller is listed on this page, while a PWM-only RGB controller kit can be found here.
  • LightObject has another driver (or two) without full specs.
  • A New Zealand maker has some LED drivers detailed online (also scattered around other part of the site), but apparently not purchaseable online. (The horizontal scrolling of that site is a bit sad too.)
  • Australian seller LEDsales has a range of LED drivers and resistors, but sadly their international shipping is more expensive than most of the drivers. However, they do list better than average information about the drivers.
  • Manafont lists some drivers like this (5 LEDs) and this (3 LEDs) but doesn't include really important details and the drivers can only be found by luck. Important details not included are input voltage or if a voltage is mentioned, whether it's a maximum or minimum input voltage.



  • LED Overview - a simple explanation of how LEDs work, the different tints available, and a brief list comparing various types of (mostly Cree) power LEDs with links to inexpensive representative examples.

LED resistor calculators

Enter starting values and it tells you what resistor value and power rating you need, with a picture of how to connect the circuit. None of these calculators is perfect so if you have a regular use for a resistor calculator you might like to try them all and see which you prefer.

  • - graphical representation of circuit and results (including actual calculated resistance) are clearly presented.
    Cannot cope with currents more than 2 amps or resistors less than 1 ohm. Note that it uses the actual resistance to calculate power dissipation, not the recommended value (which is a minimum of 1Ω).

  • - wiring and circuit diagrams, and a direct URL for the values you have just entered.
    Does not cope with recommending resistor values less than 1 ohm; if it states 1Ω do not believe it.

  • - not the prettiest results but as well as wiring and circuit diagrams gives ASCII versions as well, and where appropriate provides several wiring arrangements.
    Does not cope with recommending resistor values less than 1 ohm; if it states 1Ω do not believe it. Does not give resistor colour code diagrams but does state the stripe colours.

  • Hobby Hour LED Series Resistor Calculator - gives a circuit diagram and the nearest two resistor values (higher and lower than the calculated value).
    Cannot cope with series/parallel arrays, and half the resistors it recommends are not commonly available values.

  • - helps determine the value of the resistor based on its color code.

  • - tool for converting mcd (millicandela) and beam angle to lumens.

  • - tool for designing LED lighting systems.


  • - Resistor Color (sic) Code Calculator.
  • Velomania beamshot comparisons - find out just how bright an LED torch is compared to some other LED torch. An impressive range of beamshots, in an impressive range of locations. (Listed here because it's such an impressive amount of work, and it might help choose a driver.)
  • CPF Driver Wiki. A brief explanation of drivers. Some other useful info on that site too.


Celebrating the independent kiwi spirit of invention.

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