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Jurassic Park 3

Directed by Joe Johnston.

Date of Viewing: 1 January 2002.

Review-in-a-word: Disappointing.

Having seen and enjoyed the first two movies in this series, I'd have to say that this one lets the team down. Before getting into the whys and wherefores, let's have a look at the movie's credentials compared to the first two.

Movie Jurassic Park The Lost World Jurassic Park 3
Year of Release 1993 1997 2001


127 129 92
Writer Michael Crichton (book and screenplay)

Michael Crichton (book)
David Koepp (screenplay)

Peter Buchman,
Alexander Payne,
Jim Taylor
Director Steven Spielberg Steven Spielberg Joe Johnston

Worldwide box office ranking

10 35 107

Does the last of the three stand out in any way?

  • For a start, the duration is a disappointingly short hour and a half, compared to over two hours for each of the previous two movies.
  • Unlike the previous two movies, it is sadly not based on a book by Michael Chrichton.
  • Perhaps the biggest difference is that it's not directed by Steven Spielberg, but by Joe Johnston.

Who? He's arguably better known for Jumanji and October Sky (think "Rocket Boys"), both of which he did well. But as far as the movie-going public was concerned this Jurassic Park movie fared much worse (comparatively), placing well down on the other two.

Don't get me wrong – Jurassic Park 3 is great for dinosaur CGI and 107 is a respectable ranking, but as a movie it really doesn't compare well with the two previous JP movies.

Characters: Mrs Kirby. The best thing she could have done is gotten eaten.

Redeeming features: It has an Apple Mac. Somewhere near the beginning we get a screen shot of a dialog box; can't remember other details.

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