Book and Movie Reviews

Book reviews

Looking at the book reviews I have done thus far, it seems that this section was becoming more of an arena for releasing my frustrations with books I don't like, rather than a platform also for reviews of the books that I have found inspiring and helpful, so I've started to rectify that situation.

Other books I've thought were really good include:

  • The Jesus I Never Knew by Philip Yancey.
  • The Quest by Eugene H Peterson (author of The Message commentary/paraphrase/version of the New Testament).
  • Who Moved The Stone by Frank Morison.
  • Putting Away Childish Things by David A Seamands.


Movie reviews

BTW, Jurassic Park IV is in pre-production (at time of writing, mid 2008), but has been delayed because the script wasn't good enough for Steven Spielberg, and then the Writers Guild of America went on strike, so it's been delayed again.