ianman site Brief History

Version 1

Sunday 7 June 1998.

  • Site first installed.

Wednesday 10 June 1998.

Wednesday 5 August 1998.

Version 2

Friday 19 February 1999.

Friday 10 September 1999.

  • Version 2.2. Pushing the bounds of technology, an SMS sender to my cellphone is added to the home page.
  • Missing kids picture added to home page. Updates when the page is reloaded. Doesn't use Java!

Saturday 11 & Sunday 12 September 1999.

Saturday 25 September 1999.

Wednesday 9 February 2000.

  • Version 2.3. Changed rollover javascript so that it loads all the "off" graphics first, then while the visitor is reading the page, the "on" graphics load in the background. Pages will be gradually changed over to the new javascript. Average saving well over 3kB per HTML file!
  • Finally got the Toyota TV ad uploaded to a friend's Geocities site - not enough server space here.

Friday 25 February 2000.

  • Version 2.4. Almost all pictures on this site are now on Apple's server, linked to seamlessly (?) by these pages.

Tuesday 28 March 2000.

  • Version 2.5. First public appearance of the Linker.

Saturday 15 April 2000.

  • Added an AltaVista search engine front end to the home page as a trial.

Wednesday 11 October 2000.

  • Version 2.6. Changed entire site to Paradise (my new ISP). No more email direct from the web site for a while, and I'll have to get the counters sorted out soon, too.

Saturday 14 October 2000.

  • Version 2.6.1. Added Paradise counter, starting at 6700. (Where are all these hits coming from? Thanks to all those doing it.)

Wednesday 18 October 2000.

  • Version 2.6.2. Converted all the counters on all the pages to the Paradise one and took out the last of the CSS code for rollover graphics. Yay! Well worth its own version number.

Sunday 15 April 2001.

  • First confirmed sighting of the counter reading over 10,000.

Saturday 10 November 2001.

  • Version 2.7. First update since arriving back in the country. Change of site name due to wanting to make some money while I was out of the country.

Version 3

Friday 14 - Tuesday 18 December 2001.

  • Version 3.0, with the home page having a partially retro look back to the early days.

Friday 16 August 2002.

  • Version 3.1. Finally got everything worked into its new format.

Thursday 9 January 2003.

  • Version 3.2. What with wanting money for hosting, have now transferred all required pictures to Paradise's servers. (OK, it did take a while.) (PS: 11 Jan 2003 - counter now reading 35,000. Wow.)

Thursday 24 April 2003.

  • Version 3.3. Removed email address from all pages. Sorry, I'm not trying to be harder to reach. Really I'm not.

Friday 31 October 2003.

  • Version 3.4. Bit of a shuffle around of a few of the sections, and a fair-old tidy-up.
  • The New Zealand Cults, Sects, Religions, Christian Organisations, and other groups list is no longer on this site. It has moved to its new location of

Wednesday 24 August 2005.

  • Version 3.5. Change of hosting, no change in content, other than the Toyota ad QuickTime file is now online. Now defunct counter reading 168,650 - impressive.

Friday 25 August 2006.

  • Version 3.6. Removed Contact page, instead using a javascript email address obfuscator for the email address on each page. Should be more user-friendly

Tuesday 6 March 2007.

  • Version 3.7. Moved to a new hosting company. Room to expand.

Wednesday 8 August 2007.

  • Version 3.8. The much disused ianman email address is gone. It was really only gathering spam.

Monday 4 October 2010.

  • Version 3.9. The much disused ianman email address is really gone now (I think). My sincere apologies for anyone (other than spammers) who has tried to email me using that address in the last three years.
  • Also changed most .shtml files to .php files.

Tuesday 5 February 2019.

  • I have removed all DX referral ads from the site. DX put its site through yet another ill-conceived "upgrade" in November 2018, and the DX site still hasn't recovered from it. It doesn't look like it's going to, either. DX used to be a great place to buy stuff, but I can no longer recommend DX.