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More people have worked on these movies than any other movie or movie series ever made in New Zealand, including a gentleman I knew who had the job of just making elf ears. He diversified a bit before the movies were finished, thankfully.

Peter Jackson - Director, Co-writer, Producer

Birthdate, place: 31 October 1961 in (at) Pukerua Bay, North Island, New Zealand.

Other Movies (as director): Bad Taste, Meet The Feebles, Braindead, Heavenly Creatures, The Frighteners, Forgotten Silver.

Notes: Married to Frances Walsh since 1987. Father of Billy and Katie, both of whom appear in The Lord of the Rings as "cute Hobbit children", "cute Rohan refugee children" and "Gondorian children".

When he was young whenever he needed more plasticine for models his father would just go and buy some.

PJ made the latex models for Bad Taste (1987) in his mother's kitchen oven, often forcing the family to have sausages for dinner because they couldn't use the oven. The film was made over four years, as funds and time allowed.

When filming The Lord of the Rings he is reported to have used the same pair of shoes and only two T-shirts. (Mind you, considering how often he didn't wear shoes, it's not really surprising that they lasted.) He was seen to jump out of a helicopter into snow, wearing shorts and no shoes.

One of PJ's trademarks is to make a cameo appareances in each of his movies. In The Fellowship of the Ring his character was going to be smoking a pipe but because of the rain he swapped it for a carrot instead.

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Frances Walsh - Co-writer, Producer

Birthdate, place: .

Other Movies (as writer): Meet The Feebles, Braindead, Heavenly Creatures, Jack Brown Genius, The Frighteners.

Notes: Married to Peter Jackson since 1987.

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Howard Shore - Composer

Birthdate, place: 18 October 1946 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

Other Movies: Big, The Silence of the Lambs, Ed Wood, The Client, The Truth About Cats and Dogs, etc.

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Roisin Carty and Andrew Jack - Dialogue Coaches

Other Movies (Ms Carty): Waking Ned Divine.

Other Movies (Mr Jack): Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, Ghormenghast, etc.

Notes: Elvish experts Roisin Carty and Andrew Jack are checking each word of the actors' Elvish dialogue. This write-up from E-Online:

Jack, a bearded Englishman whose credits include voicing 16 different characters in Doctor Zhivago, explains the job of bringing Tolkien's devised languages to life: "It's important to make the accents sound as real as possible," he says, "but they also have to be unfamiliar. These are languages no one has heard before. We want to transport audiences to another world."


Both Jack and Carty work intensively with the actors, teaching not only pronunciation but the correct rhythms and intonations. They also correspond with David Salo and Bill Welden, renowned experts on the Old Elvish language.

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