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TV One News

The original wasn't made by The Tolkien Enthusiast, but this IS the only place you'll find this news article, for the month of August only. Originally screened by New Zealand's TV One News in (I think) September 2000, on the making of the Edoras set.

QuickTime 5 or better is required for viewing. The file is about 9.5MB.

Update: Posted for August 2002 only.

Update 2: My apologies - the file appears to have been corrupted. Some it is still playable, but it now crashes part way through.



Orc Costume Fragment (we think)

Just to whet your appetite for more exclusives, we think this is part of an actual Orc costume, found on one of the film locations the day after filming a huge (and rough) battle.

It's a very loose-weave fabric vaguely reminiscent of hessian (which is called burlap in the USA), with purple and red stripes woven through it. (The purple hasn't come out too well in the picture.) There's a seam at one side with a leather thong tied through it. All the edges are ripped and it was very dusty when I found it. As for size, it would fit a small adult quite well, which ties in (if you'll pardon the expression) with the small stature of the Orcs seen at the Mt Ruapehu filming in April 2000.

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Many thanks to my model Allycat.